Monday, July 23, 2012

10 days left? Seriously?

Well it has been a great week! I'm a tiny stressed out. Ok I'm a lot stressed out. It's nerve racking coming home soon. It's the scariest thing ever! You go through so many emotions.. and ask yourself a lot of questions.. Did I do everything I was supposed to? Am I more Christlike? Have I learned all that I needed to out here. Did I help other people come to Christ? How will I ever get back into "normal" life. I guess these are all the be expected. Life is full of change. If you aren't changing your not progressing right?
Two amazing things from this week:
1. Brett. He is the guy that works at the gas station, the one I invited to church and actually came! yeah. So we taught him the first lesson this week.. let me tell you it was absolutely amazing and spiritual. It was meant to be. So many things that have happened in his life were similar to my own experience.. I believe everyone has to be "backed against the wall of faith". We all have to come to Christ on our own paths.. and once we do sometimes we get to help other people who are trying to find that truth that only comes from the gospel. This is true with Brett. During the lesson he cried. He said "I haven't cried in years, you don't understand how much just this conversation has helped me already, I have been looking for this peace all my life". People like Brett make missions so worth it.
2. Nancy Glassco got baptized! Yes! It was so great. I gave a talk at her baptism on the Holy Ghost.. I teared up at the end because I am just so proud of her.. Also because her non member mom and 3 sisters came to the service and were on the front row intently listening. It was a powerful experience. One that I am truely grateful to God for letting me be a part of. He really knows everything. it was wonderful.
I come home in 10 days! It's nutso!
Love you
Sister Rachelle

Monday, July 16, 2012

It's so Good.

The mission is good so good.

1. We had 5 investigators at church on Sunday

2. We fasted and prayed with Nancy about her baptism. She is getting baptized this Saturday

3. I love my mission

4. I heart my companion. We are two peas in a pod.

5. My diet coke addiction has a purpose. I always talk to the guy at the gas station while purchasing said caffiene. Well I invited him to church.. he came and loved it. He asked us when we could teach him! hahaah

I love you all. Lots. I will tell you everything when I get home. I feel like these e-mails are getting shorter and shorter.. welp.. see you in 2 weeks!
-Sister Rachelle

Monday, July 9, 2012


Is this a joke? Three weeks left. I would like to live in denial. I kind of am actually. Amazing things have been happening.. Remember Nancy? I asked her if she prayed about the Book of Mormon and got an answer... her reply " Yes I did, I think I got an answer, but I'm not sure. Basically I asked God if all of this was true.. the Church and everything.. and well I just had this feeling of joy all over my body, what does that mean? It felt awesome"!
Oh my goodness that was so amazing.. I'm like uh yeah that's an answer from God Nancy.. I took no more thought about it and asked her if she wanted to be baptized.. She said she would like to! She's going to pray about July 21.. oh my Hannah that's great. The Gospel is for reals.
   One thing I have found is that as a missionary.. all you really need is the Spirit. If you have that.. it doesn't even matter what you say.. the people you teach will respond if they are ready. God knows who is ready for the gospel.. all he asks us is to help Him get them into the church.
   I am terrified to go back to normal life soon. You'll have to help me!
Sister Rachelle

Monday, July 2, 2012

I'll go where You want me to go

Yesterday was my last fast and testimony meetings of my mission. That is absolutley scary/emotional for me to say the least. Both Sacraments were great meetings.. amazing actually. I bore my testimony in the last ward and wow I felt like bawling my eyes out. I didn't though thankfully.. but there were a few tears. I basically thanked the Lord for all the unreal blessings/miracles I have seen on my mission. The hymn "I'll go where you want me to go" has been going on in my head the last couple weeks..
"But if by a still, small voice He calls to paths I do not know,
 I’ll answer, dear Lord, with my hand in Yours,
I’ll go where You want me to go."

It's been hard for me.. and kinda makes me mad! Why? Because I know the Lord is calling me back home soon. He wants me to return back to normal life. Frankly that sucks! I don't want to do it.. It's bittersweet.

The Lord blesses the obedient. He blesses those that serve Him.. some of the blessings I've recieved lately shock me! I feel incredibly blessed by God. I just realized I said blessed like 5 times already.. Well here I go again.. I feel BLESSED beyond my own comprehension.

Want to hear an amazing miracle? A couple I taught in my first area.. the Wards.. Amy was just baptized when I got to RedLodge. . I was able to take them to the temple the for thier first time to do baptisms. . anyhow they are now getting sealed in the temple... Guess where? San Diego on August 4! I get to go to thier sealing.. oh my amazing.

So we have been teaching a new investigator named Nancy.. She's 15 and I love her to peices! Guess how she found out about the church? The Donny Osmund website! How hilarious is that? She has this newfound obsession with 70's music and on his website there is a link to ask questions about the chuch.. She's been coming to church with us for the last two weeks and she loves it! She is trying to memorize the Young Womens theme.. she is the best. She will get baptized and be the key for the rest of her family.. for sure. Wow I just love the gospel.. and it's amazing teaching the elect who want to learn and progress.. It's so cool.

We got a new mission President! Did I forget to mention that? He is rad.. I like him alot. It is weird though having such a huge change right before I go home.. But hey if things aren't changing.. you aren't progressing.
I love my mission. I'm gonna love these last four weeks. Let the miracles roll in
Sister Rachelle

Monday, June 25, 2012

This little light of mine

Moved again!
1214 Daybreak
Helena, Montana
It's been a great week! Dawson got baptized and confirmed. He is so cute I can't even handle it. During his interview for baptism.. The district leader asked him what he thought of a living day prophet.. his response "It's breathtaking"! haha so hilarious.
5 weeks to go and I'm absolutely going crazy. I don't ever want to leave this mission. It's been amazing.. every moment almost seems monumental. I can never replace the time I've had here.. and I don't want to be a normal human again! It sounds scary. I am going to be one of those weirdo returned missionaries for a long time I think. You'll all have to help me.
  I am sure this last 5 weeks I'm going to be feeling all sorts of emotions. I already am. I am basically heartbroken leaving Montana.. but I'm excited for what God has in store for me. It's crazy. that's all I can really say about it.
  I want you all to know how much I love the Lord. I love him lots. The atonement of Jesus Christ has helped me heal from the deepest of wounds. It's helped so many people out here in Montana.. I've witnessed it. God is so aware of us. . even when everything seems dark. He really is there.. helping us.. and if we listen we'll start to notice His spirit guiding us in our daily choices. I don't doubt that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I know it. With all my heart. I've been blessed to meet the most amazing people here.. people that will be my friends forever.
I love you all!

Sister Rachelle

Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm so freaking happy

Yeah,  I said  it. I'm freaking happy! It's true! I am. I am having a great time. Amazing actually. My mission has definately been the best part of my life thus far. OH AND GUESS WHAT? So I was really worried that I was going to be training a new misisonary for my last 6 weeks.. I was super bummed for many reasons about that.. mainly because I LOVE Sister Val.. and because the investigators we are teaching right now are really connected to us. (the gospel too, but you know what I mean) So what did I do? I prayed about it. I was like "Heavenly Father, is there ANY way I can just keep my companion".. basically the nevertheless Thy will be done ending.. ha I fully expected to say goodbye to Sister Val.. Sister's in this mission NEVER serve more than 2 transfers together, it's never happened, ever. Welp. God loves me. It's true! I get to stay will her my last transfer! She's killing me off! WOop! And what's rad about this is that this weekend we have a baptism. no big deal. God is a God of miracles. For real.
    I've learned so much on this mission. Serving God full time is an experience that's hard to describe. I've loved the whole thing. The hard parts were HARD. The good parts were AMAZING. I know I'm so profound right? But anyone who has really loved thier mission I'm sure will relate. It's difficult knowing that I soon go back to the "real world".. but you know what? This is the real world. I can feel the spirit like this for the rest of my life. I never have to let go of these missionary experiences. . I am just being positive Patsy right now.  I'm just going to name off a few things my mission has taught me about life and the gospel.
   - The Priesthood power is real. It's the real deal. Direct authority from God has been restored to the Earth. The same priesthood power Christ had when he healed the sick in Jerusalem, and the America's. The same Priesthood his apostles used. The one that Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist under. . we can recieve blessings from it today. It's amazing. Men who honorably hold it are amazing.
 - The Holy Ghost is the greatest. The influence and power of this member of the Godhead is the greatest gift you could get. God loves us enough to let us feel his Spirit on occasion, which I imagine to be a little piece of the Celestial Kingdom. Heavenly Father hasn't left us alone. . not ever. We can recieve answers from God through this gift.. so we're not wandering.. but we can go forward with determination and peace knowing what choices are right. It's my favorite gift. My mission has taught me just how real/important it is, and to always remain worthy to feel it.
- The importance of Motherhood. I am not a mother yet.. probably won't be for a while. . but I know that my mission has helped me know what kind of mom I need to be. There is no better training than on the mission field for this.. im convinced that God wanted me pay attention to the Mother's I have seen out here and learn from thier examples. I always want to be there for my kids. I want to teach them the scriptures.. I want them to grow up in a safe environment where there is always love.. and food:) haha
- How important it is to marry the right person, at the right time, In God's temple for eternity. I still occasionally hear Grandaddy's word's "Rachelle when you get married, make sure you get married in the temple. Don't do it any other way. I see many people get married out of the temple and it's a sad thing to watch". haha Obviously I am not married.. but I have seen many examples of different marriages on my mission. It's the most important decision you could ever make. Eternal Families are sacred and Satan will do all he can to stop a good marriage. . You have to do the little things with your spouse. You have to read the scriptures, fullfill your callings, go to the temple together, pray together.. be willing to sacrifice. There's a lot that needs to be there. I'm super grateful for all the lessons I've learned out here. They were unexpected. But real.
  I could go on for days.. I am so happy I served this mission. The blessings I've recieved from it are innumerable. I love life. I love God. I love being His missionary.
Sister Davidson

Monday, June 11, 2012

   It's been a great week. Tiffany and Sam came to church! Woop. We're going over to thier house for dinner tonight. yay.
   So I'm not gonna lie it's starting to set in that I am going home in 7 weeks. It's terrifying! I am way nervous.. I'm sure it will be fine.. but it's just crazy. nutso actually. Oh and incase you were wondering .. YES I AM GOING TO BYU-Idaho. It's not a joke. I'm admitted and everything. Don't you just love direct revelation? Sometimes it just swoops on you and you have no choice but to follow it. It's basically a compelling force.. but it feels amazing. There's nothing better than knowing you on the right path..
   I feel like there are so many amazing things that happen every day and I jsut don't know how to put them down. I guess I'll just have to tell you all when I get home.
    I find out on Friday where I am going to be serving my last transfer. I think I will probably be staying here in Helena.. at least I hope. Love you